A1-A2-B1Turkish language

Are you interested in learning Turkish and improving your skills in it? Then, the Beginner Foundation and Strengthening Course from TDL Institute is the perfect choice for you!

You will learn the necessary basics for speaking and writing in Turkish, and be able to communicate confidently with Turkish speakers.

The course stands out for providing comprehensive and specialized educational content in the field of Turkish language learning, taught by qualified and experienced teachers.

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The Turkish language course at levels A1-A2-B1 focuses on teaching and training beginners in reading, writing, grammar, and conversation skills in Turkish. This course stands out with several features that make it an ideal choice for those who want to learn Turkish from scratch and enhance their skills effectively.

Features of the Beginner Turkish Language Course:

  1. Comprehensive Content Structure: The course includes a wide range of lessons and topics that help students understand the fundamentals of the Turkish language and apply them correctly. These topics include the alphabet, numbers, basic phrases, grammar rules, and conjugation, among others.
  2. Interactive Exercises: The course includes practical and applied exercises that help students develop their reading, writing, and grammar skills effectively. These exercises include answering questions, practicing application exercises, and reading various texts.
  3. Diverse Educational Materials: A wide range of educational materials such as texts, audios, images, and videos are used to enhance the learning experience and facilitate the understanding of new concepts.
  4. Personal Follow-up: The course ensures personal follow-up for each student, providing the necessary assistance and guidance to achieve success in learning Turkish.
  5. Application-Oriented Curriculum: The course encourages students to use the skills and vocabulary they have learned in real-life contexts and apply them in authentic conversations.
With these wonderful features, the A1-A2-B1 level Turkish language course is an excellent choice for learning Turkish from scratch and developing comprehensive and effective language skills.

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