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Welcome to the best Technology Scope Institute (TDI), which was established in 2003 and works to provide consulting solutions that work to provide solutions for developing institutions, as well as institutional development programs that work to develop and qualify the human element.

This is done by supporting and developing the individual or personal skills of each individual.

Perhaps it is useful to emphasize that from the beginning of the establishment of the institute, it is considered one of the most prominent institutes in Kuwait that evaluates the design of study curricula as well as works on designing them, and in the same regard it serves the public and private sectors.

From this standpoint, training areas include information technology, financial and banking management, oil-related sectors and industries, English language development for individual clients, major private and governmental sectors, and much more.

Tdi is one of the best institutes that you can use to learn about the technological scope of private training, as it can provide comprehensive consulting and training services in various technical fields.

Based on what was mentioned above, you can enter the site’s blog, and then learn about the services or courses that the institute provides to you, and increase your knowledge in various fields with high and guaranteed quality, so what are you waiting for!

Some information about TDI Institute:

  1. It is an electronic platform that contains approximately 45 training courses, including the following fields: (science and technology, arts and culture, various hobbies, society and family, entrepreneurship).
  2. The TDI Institute works to train young people who are looking for work in the State of Kuwait and other countries and strengthen them in all aspects.
  3. Teaching Microsoft as well as the skills you need to lead.
  4. Ensure that you conduct courses in (self-development, leadership, and many others).

Some of TDI’s achievements:

  • Providing tests that are administered by companies before hiring them. The institute provides these tests to approximately 100 people, which are designed for evaluation in the fields of secretarial and personal assistant.
  • Establishing Civil Service Commission projects to train Kuwaiti government employees for four consecutive years.
  • Training Kuwaiti government employees and establishing customized training programs for them.
  • Working to provide consultations to work on qualifying more than 500 private sector employees, from the international company Microsoft.
  • Establishing training contracts with institutions specialized in the field of computer training and administrative programs, as well as the English language, financial programs, and various programs in the field of oil, management, security and safety, in a manner consistent with the training plans.

Technology Domain Institute (TDI) Partners:

  1. Microsoft Certified Partner.
  2. A training center accredited by Ec-Counicl Accredited Training Center.
  3. CompTIA Authorized Partner.
  4. Oracle Partner Network.
  5. Exclusive agent in Kuwait (Kip McGrath Education Center.
  6. e-Planet English Curriculum e-Planet Educational Services.
  7. An accredited institute to provide German language tests next to the Goethe Institute Abu Dhabi.
  8. The company has branches in Dubai, London and Istanbul.
  9. Profiles International partner for skills assessment.

List of clients of the Scope of Technology Institute in Kuwait:

Government sector

  • Awqaf Public Foundation.
  • Social Security.
  • Paci.
  • Kuwait Airways.
  • Public Authority For Industry.
  • Public Authority for Housing Welfare.
  • KPTC.
  • Kuwait Fire Brigade.
  • Kuwait Municipality.
  • Zakat House.
  • Kuwait University.
  • National Guards of Kuwait.
  • Kuwait Ports Authority.
  • AL Hayalah.
  • PAAET.
  • CAIT.
  • CSC.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Ministry of Finance.
  • Ministry of Defence.
  • Ministry of Planning.
  • Ministry of Electricity & Water.
  • Ministry of Interior.
  • Ministry of Commerce.
  • Ministry of Health.
  • Ministry of Public Works.
  • Ministry of Social Affairs.
  • Ministry of Information.
  • Ministry of Communication.
  • Ministry of Awqaf.
  • Ministry of Justice.
  • Public Authority For Agriculture.

Technology Domain Institute (TDI)

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