Oxford 2 course in Kuwait

The Oxford 2 English course for children offered by TDI Institute is an ideal choice for teaching English to kids. The course provides a stimulating learning environment and qualified trainers with experience in teaching English to children.

English is taught in an innovative and fun way through activities, games, songs, and stories, which helps children learn the language smoothly and enjoyably.


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If you are looking for a unique educational program for your children in learning the English language, Oxford 2 Course in collaboration with TDI Institute is the perfect solution. This course aims to develop reading, writing, grammar, and conversation skills in children in an innovative and engaging way.

Features of Oxford 2 Course:

  • Reading: It helps children learn and understand the rules of the English language and build their vocabulary through exciting texts inspired by their daily lives.
  • Writing: The course offers simple activities and exercises to improve children's skills in writing sentences and short texts.
  • Grammar: The course includes explanations and simple exercises on the fundamental rules of the English language, enhancing children's ability to use grammar correctly.
  • Conversation: The course provides examples of daily conversations and real-life situations that help children apply the skills they have learned in real conversations.

Expected Results of the Course:

  1. Increased fluency in reading and comprehension of texts.
  2. Improved writing and expression skills.
  3. Acquiring a strong foundation in basic language rules.
  4. Empowering children to communicate confidently and fluently in English conversations.
Invest in your children's education in a distinctive way and help them gain strong language skills through the Oxford 2 Course. You will notice their remarkable progress in the field of the English language.

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