Oxford 5 course in Kuwait

TDI institute offers the Oxford 5 course to teach English to children in an innovative and enjoyable way.

The course provides engaging and diverse educational content, and experienced teachers who specialize in teaching English to children.

The course aims to teach children English in a smooth and enjoyable way, and encourage them to use English in their daily lives. Join the Oxford 5 course and enjoy learning English in a fun and effective way!


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I'm pleased to share with you a description of the "Oxford 5" English language course for children offered by TDI Institute. This amazing course provides your children with an outstanding opportunity to learn reading, writing, grammar, and conversation in a fun and engaging way.

Features of the Oxford 5 course:

  • Short duration, impressive results: The course spans only 40 hours but delivers astonishing results in developing children's language skills.
  • Comprehensive learning: The course covers various aspects of the English language, including reading, writing, grammar, and conversation, ensuring comprehensive skill development for children.
  • Innovative methodology: that course uses a modern and innovative approach that makes the learning process exceptionally enjoyable and engaging. It includes numerous hands-on activities and interactive games that help children better grasp concepts.
  • Diverse and multi-level exercises: The course offers individual and group exercises, helping deepen children's understanding and train them to apply what they have learned in different contexts.
  • High-quality teaching materials: The course includes innovative and high-quality teaching materials specifically designed to meet the needs and abilities of children.
In summary, the Oxford 5 course is the perfect choice for children looking to improve their English language skills and enjoy the learning process. Join us today for a unique and enjoyable educational experience.

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