English Track Basic

TDI Institute is pleased to offer you the “English Track Basic” course, which is the perfect choice for individuals who want to learn English from scratch.

This course is distinguished by covering all aspects of basic English language, starting from grammar and vocabulary to everyday conversation.


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The Basic English Track course is available for beginner learners who wish to enhance their English language skills. This course focuses on developing reading, writing, grammar, and speaking skills comprehensively. The course aims to empower participants to acquire vocabulary and basic grammar rules, improve their ability to read and write simple texts, and engage in simple conversations. The total duration of the course is 40 instructional hours, delivered live using the latest remote learning methods. The course is facilitated by experienced trainers in teaching English as a foreign language.

Features of the Basic English Track course:

  1. Developing reading skills: Participants will receive effective training to enhance their fluency in reading and comprehension.
  2. Improving writing skills: Opportunities will be provided for participants to learn basic writing techniques and apply them in writing short and diverse texts.
  3. Expanding knowledge of grammar: Participants will have the chance to understand and grasp basic English grammar rules and apply them correctly in speaking and writing.
  4. Developing speaking skills: Participants will be trained in oral expression and engaging in simple conversations to improve their ability to communicate and interact in English.
With the Basic English Track course, you'ill have the perfect opportunity to start learning the language and build a solid foundation to enhance your language skills.

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