Corrosion Management Strategy of Pipelines Top Side Facilities and Subsurface Equipment


5 Days

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1690 KD

20% discount for group above 5 attendees


The course content goes beyond the fundamental aspects of the coating process and associated inspection activities. It aims to provide participants with comprehensive knowledge and skills to effectively manage all aspects of coatings, starting from understanding the basic composition of coating products to developing the closeout report of a completed coating project.

Course Objectives:

The summary of the course objectives are:

  • Participants will learn by active interaction during the program through the use of exercises, syndicate, and group discussion on the program topics and real-life issues.
  • Course size will be limited to 20 delegates to allow effective coverage, stimulate group discussion, and enable instructor-to-delegate interaction.
  • Throughout the course, delegates will be encouraged to discuss their organization-specific problems, seek group views and guided to develop their own corrective action agenda for implementation upon return to their workstations.
  • The handout materials do not only include the 350 plus PowerPoint slides but also include a carefully designed text of over 200 pages which explained all technical matters discussed during the 5 days course.

Who Should Attend?

The target audiences are those Corrosion, Maintenance, Production, Operation and Projects Engineers and Supervisors who during the course of doing their core business activities will be engaged in corrosion and chemical treatments related activities and non-metallic materials applications of pipelines, topside facilities and downhole equipment.

  • All Production and operation engineer and supervisors who are engaged in the daily routine plant operation and maintenance and has a defined business relation with the implementation of the corporate Corrosion Management strategy.
  • Key leaders in different operation and maintenance crafts.
  • Corrosion, inspection, material, and integrity engineers.
  • Coatings engineers, coordinators, supervisors, and inspectors.
  • Junior engineers whose development plan is targeting any of the above posts.
  • Specialty chemicals suppliers, Oil & Gas services providers, and construction companies project leaders and technical representatives.

Course Outlines:

Introduction of Instructor and participant

  • Course objectives
  • Participant expectations
  • Corrosion Management Strategy of plant & Equipment
  • Origin and production of Oil & Gas
  • Corrosion damage in the oil field

Corrosion Control Techniques

  • Material change
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Barrier Film (Coatings and lining)

Chemical Treatment

  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Sulfate-reducing Bacteria in the Oil fields
  • The Problem of Scale Formation
  • The Problem of Paraffin/Wax Deposition

The Problem of Asphaltene Deposition

  • The Problem of Gas Hydrates Formation
  • The Problem of Naphthenate Soap Scale
  • The problem of Emulsions
  • Drag Reduction Agents

Cost of Corrosion

  • Computer and Corrosion Management
  • Corrosion management in the Oil & Gas industry
  • Subsea Pipelines
  • Process Equipment
  • Offshore Structures
  • Downhole Facilities