Chemical Process Optimization


5 Days

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The objective of this module is to offer students a comprehensive understanding of advanced modelling and simulation tools as they relate to chemical engineering. The module focuses on developing concepts in process modelling, process design, and process control, and applies advanced mathematical modelling and optimization techniques to chemical engineering applications. The ultimate goal is to synthesize and optimize processes within the field.


Course Objectives:

Having successfully completed this module you will be able to:

  • Be able to synthesize and optimize chemical processes using advanced chemical engineering modelling tools and process simulation software such as gPROMS or GAMS.
  • Apply systems-level thinking to process design and to build mathematical models that describe complex processes.


Course Outlines:

  1. Process Modelling
  2. Classification of models
  3. Building models
  4. Model Calibration and Validation
  5. Linear Algebraic and Non-Linear Algebraic Modelling


  1. Optimization of Chemical Processes
  2. Objective functions
  3. Basic concepts of optimization
  4. Unconstrained functions and multivariate optimization
  5. Linear and non-linear programming
  6. Global optimization


  1. Applications of optimization
  2. Heat transfer and energy conservation
  3. Separation processes
  4. Reactor Design and operation
  5. Flowsheet optimization


  1. Advanced Control Systems
  2. Advanced Control
  3. Feedforward Control
  4. Cascade Control
  5. Time-Delay Compensation
  6. Selective and Override Control
  7. Adaptive Control


  1. Model Predictive Control
  2. Basic features
  3. Set-point calculations
  4. SISO and MIMO models
  5. Implementation and Integration