Persian language course A1, A2, B1 with certificate

How can I learn Persian? Today, you can learn the Persian language with ease by taking the Persian language course A1, A2, B1 with a certificate from Tdi Institute, and also knowing how to spell words in the Persian language. In addition, teaching the Persian language translated into Arabic has become easier with the professional teachers at Tdi Institute.

Of course, the period of learning the Persian language will not be long with the institute that offers you tricks in order to shorten the time to learn the Persian language with ease.


You can learn the Persian language A1, A2, B1 easily. Tdi Institute is an ideal choice for you in order to get the best result ever. Not to mention that by enrolling in TDI Institute, you'll quickly learn to pronounce the Persian language. On the other hand, you can have fun in addition to learning, as the students and teachers at the institute form a family that comes to be together with each other and at the same time  everyone gets the benefit. From this standpoint, it's necessary to present a set of advantages that will make you enthusiastic about enrolling in TDI Institute in Kuwait, which has become famous and has met with wide success since its founding.

Advantages of registering for the Persian language course at  TDI Institute in Kuwait:

  • Learn to read fluently: The teacher at TDI always tries to encourage those registered or participating in the courses to pronounce the material at hand clearly and audibly.
  • Mastery of writing: After you learn pronunciation, you must become familiar with the vocabulary that is used in the Persian language in order to use it, speak and write in it as well, so that it becomes ingrained in your mind.
  • Learn the rules: In any language in the world there are certain tenses that have specific uses and letters that must be used when we deal with present, past, or imperative verbs, etc..
  • Learn about the ancient history of the Persian language, which was widely used before in Islamic civilization, as well as ancient history.
  • If you are a researcher of history, then there is no doubt that you have heard about Persian culture and how many great people, poets, and intellectuals the Persian civilization produced. From this standpoint, you can see what they wrote directly.
  • The Persian language is one of the main languages in the country of Iran, which plays an important role in politics and economics around the world, and news can be learned through its channels without the need for a translator or Persian language expert.
  • There are more than 110 million people around the world who speak Persian so you are expanding your horizons socially and culturally.
Of course, the opportunity to obtain a seat at TDI Institute is one of the most important things that will change the course of your life for the better and may open new horizons for you and increase your job opportunities through the languages that you'll learn at the institute. As a result, do not hesitate to register at the institute to learn new languages at reasonable prices.

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