English language course for children Oxford 1 Oxford 1

TDI’s Oxford 1 English for children course is one of the leading courses in this field, as it features an attractive and fun design that makes learning English fun and interesting for children.

The course includes a variety of topics of interest to children, such as animals, colors, shapes and numbers, and is taught in an easy and simplified way that suits children’s abilities and helps them learn the language quickly and effectively.

The course is based on the latest educational methods and modern technologies, and is taught by qualified teachers with experience in teaching English to children.

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I'm very excited to introduce you to the Oxford 1 children's English course, presented by TDI Institute in Kuwait! This amazing course aims to teach your children English in a fun and creative way. Let me remind you of some of the advantages that you will get with this course

Features of the English course for children Oxford 1

  • Teach basic language skills in an easy and simplified way.
  • Using a modern methodology focused on conversation and communication.
  • Provide diverse and interesting educational materials to motivate students.
  • Facilitate the learning process through interactive games and activities.
  • Stimulate innovation and creativity through the use of technology in teaching.
  • Follow-up students and evaluate their progress periodically and regularly.
  • Provide a certificate of achievement to students after completion of the course.
I sincerely believe that with the help of this wonderful course, your child will see a noticeable improvement in English language skills, he will become more confident in communication and expression. Don't miss the opportunity to enroll your child in this special course, and make learning English interesting and fun for them!

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