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TDI Institute is considered one of the best leading institutes at the present time that offers the icdl course, an accredited ICDL certificate, online. You can obtain it either through the Internet or by obtaining courses within the institute, according to the choice that suits your time. As for the price of the ICDL course in Kuwait, it’s within your reach and is suitable for different social classes. Don’t miss the opportunity to register with the institute now!


By registering at the ICDL Institute for an accredited online ICDL certificate course, you can obtain an international computer driving license through TDI Institute. Not to mention, you'll learn many new features about the computer if you don't have sufficient knowledge of it. In addition, you'll be able to obtain shortcuts that will save you a lot of time. As for the mechanism of learning the ICDL course, this is what you'll learn with us:

Computer basics💻

Which means that you'll learn about the software and hardware components of a computer and how the computer works through them.

Internet basics🌐

What are the skills or knowledge that support the use of the Internet to learn how to retrieve information, connect to the Internet, and also e-mail?

Data tables🗓️

Knowing how to deal with a table and how to fill it out, as well as creating, coordinating, reviewing and correcting tables, as well as managing mathematical equations and graphs.

Word processing📍

Dealing with texts through word processing applications such as letters, CVs, and more. In the end, you can take advantage of the ICDL accredited online certificate course in the best possible way and find what interests you and what secrets you don't know. Get now discounts and offers from Tdi Institute.

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