First friend 1 and 2

First Friend 1 and 2 are English language courses offered by TDI institute. These courses are distinguished by providing comprehensive and specialized educational content in the field of learning English, where basic English grammar rules, common vocabulary, and everyday expressions are taught. The courses also include practical exercises and interactive activities that help improve listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in English.

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The English language course offered by TDI Institute is an ideal choice for individuals 1 and 2 who wish to learn English in an effective and impactful way.

The course spans 40 hours, ensuring equal learning and comprehensive training opportunities.

Everyone attending Course 1 and 2 will enjoy many benefits. Firstly, they will be taught by proficient professionals with experience in teaching English, providing accurate and qualified guidance for proper learning.

The English language course features:

  • Exciting and updated educational materials tailored to students' needs.
  • Utilization of advanced teaching techniques for active participation.
  • Attaining fluency in speaking and understanding English.
  • Improving reading and writing skills to express thoughts and opinions clearly.
  • Boosting confidence in using English in daily life and professional environments.
  • Developing new vocabulary and terminology to enhance advanced expression.
  • Achieving high levels of internationally recognized exams and certificates.

The English language course by TDI Institute represents an excellent opportunity to enrich the language skills of individuals 1 and 2 in English, enabling them to achieve personal and professional goals successfully.

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