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The Oxford 1 course for teaching English to children from TDI institute is considered one of the leading courses in this field.

It’s characterized by its attractive and enjoyable design, which makes learning English fun and interesting for children.

The course includes a diverse range of topics that are of interest to children, such as animals, colors, shapes, and numbers, which are taught in easy and simplified way that suits children’s abilities and helps them learn the language quickly and effectively.

Additionally, the course is distinguished by its reliance on the latest educational methods and modern technologies, and is taught by qualified and experienced teachers in teaching English.

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The Oxford 1 English Course for children, developed in collaboration with TDI Institute, offers an exceptional learning experience aimed at developing children's reading, writing, grammar, and conversation skills.

This course stands out with its engaging and innovative teaching style that motivates children to learn and enhances their interest in the English language.

Features of the Oxford 1 English Course for children:

  • Combines essential instructional elements with interactive activities to promote effective learning.
  • Includes carefully selected texts according to children's level to enhance their reading and comprehension abilities.
  • Provides diverse exercises to develop writing and oral expression skills.
  • Reinforces understanding of basic grammar rules in English and applies them in practical applications.
  • Encourages children to participate in group conversations and enhances their language communication skills.

Expected outcomes of the Oxford 1 English Course for children:

  • Strengthening children's reading and writing skills and improving their understanding of texts.
  • Enhancing their ability to listen and understand simple and intermediate conversations in English.
  • Improve their oral expression skills and increase their confidence in English.
  • Developing the ability to use basic grammar rules in writing and conversation.
  • Enhancing social and interactive skills through participation in group activities.

By using the Oxford 1 English Course for children, children will have a fun and beneficial learning experience that contributes to their linguistic growth and development.

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