CompTIA’s Network+ certification is an entry level vendor neutral certification for aspiring system and network administrators. The Network+ course provides basic training in managing, maintaining, troubleshooting, installing and configuring a network infrastructure.

- WAN Transmission Technologies
- WAN Connectivity Methods
- Voice Over Data Transmission

- Computer Security Basics
- System Security Tools
- Authentication Methods
- Encryption Methods

- Network Perimeter Security
- Intrusion Detection and Prevention
- Protect Network Traffic Using IPSec

- Network-Based Security Threats and Attacks
- Apply Threat Mitigation Techniques
- Educate Users

- Network Monitoring
-Configuration Management Documentation
- Network Performance Optimization

- Network Troubleshooting Models
- Network Troubleshooting Utilities
- Hardware Troubleshooting Tools
- Common Connectivity Issues

Target Audience

This training would be beneficial for individuals looking for IT job positions such as; PC Technician, Field Service Technician, Senior Field Service Engineer, Network Technician, LAN Administrator, Windows Administrator, Senior Network Technician or Network Security Administrator.

General Objective

- Basics of networking theory, concepts and networking methods
- Basics of networking data delivery
- Networking media, cabling and hardware
- Networking protocols and the OSI model
- Networking Operating Systems
- TCP/IP fundamentals
- Networking security, including preventing and responding to incidents


Course outlines

- Networking Terminology
- Network Categories
- Standard Network Models
- Physical Network Topologies
- Logical Network Topologies

- Data Transmission Methods
- Media Access Methods
- Signaling Methods

- Bounded Network Media
- Unbounded Network Media
- Noise Control
- Network Connectivity Devices

- Ethernet Networks
- Wireless Networks

- The OSI Model
- The TCP/IP Model

- The TCP/IP Protocol Suite
- IP Addressing
- Default IP Addressing Schemes
- Create Custom IP Addressing Schemes
- Implement IPv6 Addresses
- Delivery Techniques

- Assign IP Addresses
- Domain Naming Services
- TCP/IP Commands
- Common TCP/IP Protocols
- TCP/IP Interoperability Services

- Switching
- Enable Static Routing
- Virtual LANs
- Plan a SOHO Network

- Remote Network Architectures
- Remote Access Networking Implementations
- Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

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