Extra lessons in spelling, reading, comprehension and grammar

English Tuition

Developed for Primary - Secondary Students

The Kip McGrath English programme caters for students who are virtual non readers through to those that are having minor difficulties with their learning development. The curriculum covers all aspects of English that students are expected to learn throughout their years at school (where English is the first language).

Depending on what needs to be taught, your child’s individualised learning programme may consist of a combination of the following activities:

All children are given an initial assessment to determine what year level they’re currently working at and to identify any learning gaps.

An individual learning programme is then created to target exactly what your child needs help with. The programme is carefully designed so that your child progresses at their own pace. Your child starts on the Kip McGrath programme at the level suited to their current ability and knowledge

The Kip McGrath programme is an intensive intervention programme

It focuses on building the foundations of literacy by using:

Face to face teaching.

Stimulating computer based learning

Revision homework activities

Our proven English methodology improves the chances of school success.

Our programme will engage your child in a variety of structured, yet fun learning activities. Our tutors will motivate your child to want to learn more and give them the self-confidence to achieve the best results they can.

Your local Kip McGrath Education Centre can tell you more about our extensive programme and how we can help your child.

Since going to Kip, he's had a big boost in his confidence and has caught up with his school work.
Mum of Mitchell