Technology Domain Institute (TDI)

Technology Domain Institute (TDI) was formed in 2002 to provide Consultation and Training Solutions to address learning challenges in human capital management, organizational engineering and development. Since its formation, TDI has been considered one of the leaders in Kuwait for assessing skills and designing curriculum to address these challenges. TDI serves many employers, and almost all of government bodies in Kuwait. TDI works closely with clients to provide a wide range of responsive, high-quality training. Because of the highly technical nature of our training, we work very closely with each of our training clients to ensure our programs meet the needs of the training participants, focusing on empowering corporate organizations and individual clients by helping them reach their objectives through skills-development programs. The areas of training include Information Technology, financial management and banking, oil related sectors and industries, English language advancement for individual clients and major private and governmental sectors, and much more. TDI is a subsidiary of AL-SHAYEJI International Group which owns a number of subsidiary companies that specialize in:- Power, Energy & Oil, Food Stuff, Furniture, Media, Project Management, Contracting, Production, and Real estate. AL-SHAYEJI International Group is a Kuwaiti company that aims to be a major contributor to in a diversified portfolio of companies operating in the Middle East, North Africa, China and the USA, with initiatives for human capital training, organizational development and management. programs.

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